The Band

Whitesands Panhandle Band (WPB) is the Florida Panhandle’s premiere bluegrass-rockabilly band. Its roots beginning over 35 years ago, WPB has entertained thousands of fans across the United States, produced many great albums with unique covers and originals, and stays on the cutting edge of novelty while maintaining the genuine sound of bluegrass music.

WPB has developed its team members over the decades and been comprised of some of the best singers and musicians in the USA, including country music legend, Marty Rabon; guitar hot-picker, Dave Glencoe; Nashville phenomenon, Guthrie Trapp; musical virtuosos, Will Fink and Matt Miller, and talented songwriter, Rick Norris.

Now WPB is better than ever! With the addition of vocal spectacular, Tim Baldwin, and extraordinary musicians, Mike Feldman, Don Lopez and Ricky Barlow, WSB is charting an even bigger path in the bluegrass-rockabilly world.

Meet the Band

Brad Hanssen is the founder of WPB, which he formed in the mid-1970s. Since then, WPB has been  one of the most notable and successful bluegrass bands in the southeast United States. Brad is an accomplished musician and singer and one of the best banjo players around. Brad has taken leadership in creating both genuine and novel bluegrass music and has performed before thousands of fans in hundreds of venues across the U.S.

Don Lopez is WPB’s bass player and harmony vocalist. Don is a vastly experienced and exceptional musician. With his music roots beginning in California, Don moved to Florida as a young man, and since then, has performed in a host of music venues in Florida. Don is known for his musical talent and friendly style.

Michael Feldman is the “harmonica man”. Starting his music career in 1976 with the Muskogee River Boys, Mike is one of the original members of WSB, joining in 1977. Mike is a staple in Northwest Florida’s music scene, playing with singer-songwriters like Freddie Donovan and the Biscuit Rollers String Band. Mike is one of the best harmonica players around. Mike has played before thousands of fans for decades and his experience in a variety of music genres is fascinating. Mike can make the harmonica sing–or cry; and his audience feels the moods Mike masterfully creates with his instrument.

Tim Baldwin is a unique vocal talent–a big part of WPB’s new explosive and energetic sound. Tim has vast experience in vocal and music performance as a soloist and group performer. A Pensacola native, Tim is the youngest child of an old-time baptist preacher and has been a music leader for over 20 years. Tim got his musical start with good ol’ gospel singin’ and school band performance as an exceptional trumpet player. Tim has sung in gospel quartets, is a former worship pastor and plays lead guitar for a worship band. Vocalizing, creating powerful sound and beautiful harmony–that’s Tim’s forte.

Ricky Barlow lays out WPB’s percussion and helps to create a rockin’ sound for the band. A Pensacola native, Ricky began playing percussion as a child in church for groups and congregations and into collegiate levels. Ricky earned a formal education in music performance and has taught music students for years. Ricky is a great addition to WPB’s newgrass and rockabilly style.